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Why It’s Bad to Buy Dogs From Pet Stores

Many people have heard about puppy mills, which are commercial operations where the puppies are sold for the highest profit possible. These places breed dogs without any care for their welfare, often keeping them in filthy conditions and bred until they are unable to produce offspring. They are prone to diseases, starvation, and matted fur. Moreover, most of these puppies will most likely come from puppy mills, and they will be ill-treated, leaving you with a rotten dog.

Secondly, most pet stores purchase animals from puppy mills, which are notorious for causing serious health problems in the dogs and puppies. While the conditions in pet stores are better than in puppy mills, the conditions are still poor. Pet store employees are unlikely to treat the animals well or care for them properly, and they are not required to provide health records and license information for the animals. These factors make buying dogs from pet stores unsuitable for many people.

Purchasing a dog from a pet store isn’t necessarily the best option for most people. While pet stores tend to advertise healthy puppies, there is no guarantee that they are healthy. Because of this, store dogs are likely to have received minimal handling and can grow into dangerous pets. These problems may not manifest themselves until the dog is at maturity. In addition, many of the dogs sold at pet stores are not rescued from shelters or from breeders.

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