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Why Do So Few People in North America Use Pet Insurance?

If you own a dog or cat, you probably already know the importance of insurance, but why do so few people in North America use it? While health insurance and life insurance have been around for decades, only recently have pet owners realized that these products can protect their pets as well. login99bet Pet insurance covers vet bills, lost wages, and emergency medical care. The average pet owner spends at least $1500 per year on medical expenses for their pet, so if you have a dog or cat, this type of insurance can be essential.

While the cost of coverage may seem steep, most pet owners find it worthwhile to purchase coverage. After all, it’s much cheaper to get a policy for your pet than to buy one yourself. rizonbayview And many types of insurance cover non-traditional treatments, including acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and even THC. Sadly, though, many pet owners don’t consider these treatments and end up forgoing them altogether.

One big reason is cost. Insuring dogs is generally more expensive than insuring cats. Dogs, after all, are notorious for getting injured, and they are much more active than cats. Dogs also tend to chase after other animals in the park and chase after them. Cats on the other hand are more finicky. Besides costs, the breed of a pet also plays a factor. German Shepherds, Boxers, and Labrador Retrievers are more likely to suffer from hip dysplasia, which are more expensive to treat. Latest Website  naukri24pk

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