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What’s the Meaning of Lyrics in the Song Starboy by The Weeknd?

The question is: What’s the meaning of the lyrics in Starboy? It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact meaning of the lyrics, so let’s start with a simple explanation: Starboy is simply trying to make good records for his fans. The words “star” and “girl” are not meant to be taken literally, but rather they refer to the artist’s conflicted nature. He’s a star with many trappings, and he’s a celebrity with a spiritual emptiness. This theme is apparent in the song and the lyric interpretation of the song is complex.

The lyrics are cryptic, but they are still worth understanding. Starboy is a continuation of The Weeknd’s previous videos. In previous videos, he talks about the “Stargirl” video. He describes how “Lucifer” discovered him and he became a star, and how he used his stardom to attract the attention of other people. In addition, the lyrics of “Starboy” refer to the Weeknd’s salary and the women he dated along the way.

Besides the obvious reference to the occult, the words starboy and “slut” convey the same message. The Weeknd’s music video also includes a symbolic reference to the occult system. The single cover of Starboy has a lightning bolt on the left and a cross in the middle. Then, the’star’ represents Venus, while the’slut’ symbolises Lucifer’s morning star. These symbols suggest that the artist’s fans are making him a star duysnews .

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