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Information Investigation Task Design by Specialists

Forensic investigators must know how to identify external storage devices, acquire forensic tools, and capture live network traffic. Typically, forensic investigators will use analysis software to search massive archives. They may also employ procedures for retrieving recently deleted files, and they may even use programs that monitor suspicious behaviors. IR task design by specialists should be done by professionals with the proper training and experience. This type of work is particularly useful when an organization or company is experiencing an incident.

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For example, if a company is experiencing a phishing attack, it may want to use digital forensics to investigate malware infections. The IT team uses Windows Server NT servers and performs monthly patches. The IT support team is concerned about a potential security breach and wants a thorough investigation to detect the source of the problem. They have a nefarious employee working on their computer system and would like to know how to stop it.

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Forensic document examiners are experts in examining documents. They are independent contractors or employees of a government-funded crime detection lab. Their work often involves fraud investigations. Forensic document examiners can analyze documents like contracts, land titles, and wills. They can also verify signature authenticity. Forensic document examiners often investigate documents related to contract or land title fraud. They can also examine documents containing confidential information.

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