How to Use the Direct Message Feature on Instagram

If you want to engage in private conversations with people you follow on Instagram, you can use the direct message feature. Direct messages go to a specific folder if they are sent to people you do not follow. To start a conversation, the recipient must accept the direct message. This feature is available on both desktop and mobile websites. You can use direct messages to talk to friends and family on Instagram. Followers can see direct messages from anyone they follow, so you can start a conversation with them directly .

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You can see who is following you on Instagram by tapping the magnifying glass icon or by exploring the Explore page. You can sort your feed by category or by name to discover accounts you may want to follow. The platform functions similar to Twitter but is less like Facebook, as you do not have to send friend requests to follow someone. Once you’ve found people you like, you can follow them too! Just make sure to be respectful of their privacy settings. You can also choose to unfollow other users who you don’t want to follow.

The app shows profile pictures of people who have posted new stories. Tap the person’s picture and swipe to skip to the next section. The stories continue until all of the people you follow have posted a story. After you’ve seen everyone’s stories, you can send messages to them or use Rooms to video chat with others. You can even share photos, videos, or both! The choice is yours! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and start sharing with your followers!

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