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How Much Do Hamsters Cost at Petco?

A hamster can cost anywhere from $15 to $20, depending on the size and type. The price also depends on the set-up you want. Some pet owners choose to rehome their pets. These people want to ensure that the hamster is rehomed to a good home. Petco usually offers cages and other supplies to help with hamster care, so you don’t have to buy everything separately.

In addition to the initial cost, hamsters need a regular veterinarian visit and recurring monthly expenses for food and bedding. According to Kiplinger, the cost of a hamster is about $260 annually. Among other expenses, bedding and litter are another $20 to $50 each. In some cases, you may want to save some money by making your own cages or toys. DIY hamsters can be an inexpensive and fun way to get a hamster.

While hamsters are generally healthy, they do need annual check-ups to ensure proper nutrition and prevent any hidden health issues. Annual check-ups typically cost $35 or more for a single appointment. The price can vary depending on the veterinarian and the number of hamsters that will be kept in a household. Most hamsters don’t require preventative vaccinations, but it’s a good idea to get one for each hamster.

Adding toys and a hideout is a fun way to keep a hamster busy. These can be expensive, but will help keep your hamster safe and comfortable. You can also buy a plastic hideout for about $5. One option is a Kaytee igloo hideaway, which is a great size for a hamster. If you want a more expensive hideout, you can also purchase a wooden one, such as the Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System.

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