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Can I Trade in My Pet For a New One at PetSmart Or Petco?

Most people think that trading in their pet for a new one is not possible, but that isn’t always the case. PetSmart and Petco offer return policies, though private shops may not have such policies. Before the advent of return policies, pet stores would simply throw away unwanted pets, even if they were still in the cute stage. That changed when the public started rallying against these stores and made them shut down.

While it may not sound like much, these stores are actually growing fast. In addition to being a pet store, they are adding services and vet clinics to their stores. Dog-washing services are becoming a lucrative business for Petco. For about $15, a dog can get a thorough clean in a Petco in Escondido. As more people don’t have backyards anymore, pet stores are becoming a convenient solution.

After Walmart and Target began competing in pet retail, both companies began offering services. Petco began a mail-order business in Phoenix, and soon expanded nationwide. The company has over 1,650 locations in the United States, and is expanding its e-commerce efforts. Its latest move has been the introduction of pet training and adoption through nonprofit organization PetSmart Charities. Despite the growing competition, both pet stores have different services and policies.

If I return a new pet, what should I do? Generally, you can trade in your old pet for a new one if it is healthy and not damaged in any way. The store staff will assess whether or not you can trade in your old pet. As long as you have the receipt to prove your purchase, PetSmart will accept your fish. Otherwise, they will not take your pet if it is sick.

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